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WRVTH - Forlorn (Lyrics in Description)
Artist(s): Wrvth (formerly Wrath of Vesuvius) Album: Wrvth or Self-titled Genre: Progressive/Technical Death Metal I own not the rights to this music and have ...

Lies of Nazca - The Impending World (Official Music Video)
Brand new single from: LIES OF NAZCA "The Impending World" (2015) Off the debut album "Aleph" out via Rogue Records America ...

The Faceless' Michael Keene on White Noise Metal
That BS Dude Brian Shields visits with Michael Keene, the lead guitarist for progressive death metal band The Faceless in his interview for White Noise Metal.

Musical instrument tutorial

WRVTH - "Forlorn" (Live Studio Video)
WRVTH - "Forlorn" (Live Studio Video) Album-WRVTH Label-Unique Leader Records FLYTRAPtv met up with WRVTH in Northern California at Fang Studios ...